Shutting Down Paris-on-the-Web

Paris-on-the-Web is the Web front-end for the in-house Paris parking application. It is always set up as a custom Web application configured by Web developers.

If you stop using Paris-on-the-Web, there are many things that must be addressed and some critical features need to be addressed immediately! Data, security, and server performance are at stake.

Hardly any IT department staff know anything about Paris-on-the-Web. It requires many components and much configuration for everything to work properly. That’s where we come in! We can handle it all for you.

We have been configuring and supporting Paris-on-the-Web for 15 years. We know everything required to make it work and we can figure out any custom configuration performed by others. Therefore, we are uniquely-qualified to help anyone with any Paris-on-the-Web installation.

Here are some things we address when shutting down Paris-on-the-Web:

    • Automated scheduled tasks running on your servers
    • Databases
    • Backup files
    • Website pages and links
    • Log files
    • Sensitive customer information and credentials
    • Stored payment information

We can safely and completely remove Paris-on-the-Web for you and we can do it 100% remotely. All we need is temporary access to the servers where its systems and information reside.

We can recommend what to do with each Paris-on-the-Web element and we can work within your IT guidelines. We can complete the entire shut down process with very little involvement from your staff.

How much does this cost? Average shut downs range from $150 to $750. Your cost will depend on your Paris-on-the-Web configuration and your desired handling of each item. We can give you a quote.

Please contact us so that we can help you properly shut down Paris-on-the-Web!