Payment Processing

One-time and automated recurring payments

We can help you with all types of payment processing configurations.

  • One-time payments is the basic option to offer your customers.
  • Automated recurring payments is an additional option that simplifies payments for both you and your customers by automatically paying the customer’s full balance due or a predifined amount. You can allow your customers to opt-in to this option or make it mandatory.

For both of these payment options, customer payment method information can be securely stored online for repeated use.

Credit card and ACH payment methods

Offer your customers one or both of these payment method options. There are different fee structures for each method so consider what is best in your situation.

Credit card processing can be configured to only allow specified types of cards like Visa, Discover, etc. ACH processing allows your customers to pay from their checking and savings bank accounts.

We can configure and support both of these payment methods.

Your payment processor or ours

We can develop and support payment processing using your payment processor or ours. If you already have payment processing in place, we can use it and provide support. We can also help you migrate to another payment processor or establish new payment processing.