We have been referred by IntegraPark as a key provider of Paris-on-the-Web services and support

We support IntegraPark’s Paris-on-the-Web systems including complete setup or shut down, development, and support with payment processing.

We can do it ourselves or work with your IT department. Most in-house IT departments do not want to support Paris-on-the-Web and may not know much about it. Paris-on-the-Web is the Web front-end to the in-house Paris application. IntegraPark always requires their customers to configure and provide support using their own IT staff or a referred third party software developer like us.

Paris-on-the-Web is a relatively simple concept but requires many components and configuration for everything to work properly. That’s where we come in! We can handle it all for you.

Paris-on-the-Web normally runs without much attention but monitoring is important. We can monitor and resolve problems.

Need new features or a new style to match your other website?

Original Paris-on-the-Web programs are basic and limited in features. Many more helpful features can be added plus visual styling can be adjusted to match your company’s main website.

  • Enhanced mapping of parking locations.
  • Expanded parking request information.
  • Automated parking contracts.
  • Enhanced payment processing options and stored information management.
  • Additional parker information management.
  • Improved menus.
  • FAQs.
  • Terms and conditions.

Add these to your existing website or easily migrate to our PW Parking portal to get them all!

We offer

  • Complete support for your existing Paris-on-the-Web systems.
  • Upgrade to our hosted custom Paris-on-the-Web PW Parking portal with advanced features.
  • Automated parking contracts.
  • Mapping: Simple or complex mapping of locations and related information.
  • Payment processing of one-time and recurring payments using our Financial Services or your payment processor.
  • System integration with third party applications.
  • Monitoring.
  • Custom software development.
  • Website hosting.
  • Support.
  • Paris-on-the-Web shut down.

Our preconfigured Paris-on-the-Web parking portal: PW Parking

We developed a Paris-on-the-Web parking portal called PW Parking, which is a hosted Web portal ready for your immediate use. Simple and fast setup with many custom advanced features. Click here for detailed information.

Technical overview

View a visual display of Paris-on-the-Web flow and utilities.