Sonova Parking Services

What We Offer

  •  Custom software development
  •  Support
  •  Paris-on-the-Web development and support: We are experts in IntegraPark's Paris-on-the-Web systems including complete setup and development with payment processing using our custom Parking Portal, our financial services, your server and systems, third party systems, or any combination.
  •  Mapping: Simple or complex mapping of locations and related information.
  •  Payment processing: You can process payments using our Sonova Financial Services or we can set up payment processing using your processor.
  •  Website hosting
  •  System integration and information sharing between applications: Pass information directly from one application to another or adjust exported information for the receiving application.
  •  Monitoring: Automated processes, data transfer, transaction logs, etc.
  •  and more!

Please contact us if you have questions or are interested in something else not listed.

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